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WHY VITA-PAKS FOR WOMEN ARE BETTER THAN A ONE-A-DAY MULTI- VITAMIN PILL? These days, many women take a one-a-day multiple vitamin and mineral pill and think they are getting enough nutritional protection with that simple act. Some of the multi-vitamins go up to 2 or 3 pills per serving, offering a little more in the way of nutrients, and for some this may be sufficient. But, for others, with an active and/or athletic lifestyle, not to mention those with a poor diet, a couple of pills simply won’t measure up. There is just not enough room in one to three pills to provide enough of all the nutrients required to protect our health and well- being from the toll taken by a highly stressful life. And, while an active and athletic lifestyle may be good for our long term health, in the short term it is a huge stress on the body; a stress that can be compensated for with proper nutrition and supportive supplements. Those simple multivitamins have no room to offer adequate levels of vitamin C, vitamin E, essential fatty acids (which are in liquid form and need to be in softgel pills) or minerals, let alone room for supportive herbs in adequate amounts to accomplish anything nutritionally significant.

WHAT CAN VITA-PAKS FOR WOMEN ACCOMPLISH FOR YOU? Vita-Paks for Women give you everything that a regular multi-vitamin will, along with so much more nutritional value. This includes:

A full serving of VITAMIN C, enough to raise the immune supporting glutathione levels in your body, along with BIOFLAVONOIDS to keep veins and capillaries strong.

A full daily dose of VITAMIN E, to keep the blood oxygenated and the heart healthy.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS in the form of EVENING PRIMROSE OIL, particularly good for balancing hormones and maintaining healthy skin.

Adequate amounts of CALCIUM and MAGNESIUM with mineral cofactors that keep the bones healthy, like BORON AND SILICA.

Herbs that support the ADRENAL GLANDS, the HEART, IMMUNITY, BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION AND BREAST HEALTH, and more For the active woman and/or athlete, there is extra nutritional support for sustaining a workout, or just a busy lifestyle, aiding endurance and recovery.

HOW TO USE THE VITA-PAKS FOR WOMEN? A packet should be taken with a meal, for 5 days of the week. Because Vita-Paks for Women contain many isolated nutrients, like all vitamin and mineral supplements, they digest best in the middle of a real meal, as opposed to with a protein shake or snack. For example, some of these nutrients are fat-soluble (vitamins A, D, E, K, EFA’s, etc) and so will digest best when you are eating something that has fat in it. When you chew some food that contains fat (most proteins or even salad dressing) your body sends signals to the stomach to release fat-digesting enzymes, which means that the vitamins that are fat soluble will be properly digested when they arrive in the stomach. If breakfast is not a time that you have a proper meal (one containing carbs, fats and proteins), then the conveniently portable Vita-Paks for Women can be taken at lunch, or with an early dinner. Taking it too late in the day may provide energy when you want to wind down for bed. But, if you are going all night for business or pleasure, dinner is a fine time to use your Vita-Paks for Women

We suggest swallowing the pills in your Vita-Paks for Women with food rather than liquid. Drinking most liquids with meals dilutes stomach acid and reduces the digestibility of the food (black coffee is an exception, since it raises stomach acid levels). Simply add a pill into a mouthful of chewed up food, just before swallowing (no need to chew the pill), and swallow the pill in the middle of the food. Since the throat opens wider for food than liquid, it will also make taking the pills a snap.

Why take Vita-Paks for Women only 5 days of the week? Well, these nutrients are provided in amounts higher than those levels commonly found in foods. Since we are creatures based on feast and famine and come from hunter/gatherer roots, our bodies are programmed to store and utilize nutrients most effectively when we do not ingest them every day of the year. Also, if we ingested too much of a nutrient that is not water-soluble (i.e. minerals or fats) then the body is given a chance to use up the excess. And, since we are not taking the nutrient every day, the body is reminded to store it. And, on top of it all, the consumer saves some money, which is why you don’t hear this kind of advice from most vitamin companies.

DO YOU NEED ANYTHING ELSE, OVER AND ABOVE YOUR VITA-PAKS FOR WOMEN? Truth be told, if we were allowed to we would add more vitamin D to this product, but the law in Canada restricts us to 1000IU. Most students of nutrition now take 3 to 5,000IU of vitamin D daily (skipping weekends) for optimal benefit to health, mood and immunity. As well, for a highly stressful lifestyle, or for those with compromised immune systems, it would be good to take additional vitamin C, two more times daily. While the amount of vitamin C in a Vita-Paks for Women is sufficient to create a glutathione spike (immune supportive antioxidant), taking an additional vitamin C pill once or twice later in the day, will offer more immune support and well as supporting the adrenal glands against stress.