Rich understood the importance of removing excess water before a competition. To do this, I would use a special combination of Dandelion Root, Shavegrass, and Uva Ursi Extract. These powerful ingredients were the key to making sure Rich was ripped to the bone and ready to storm the stage. When we set out to create the kind of hardcore diuretic that Rich would be proud of, we took a look at all possible ingredient options. Of course, we only choose the most effective and safest ingredients available. This powerful formula includes 600mg of Dandelion Extract, 550mg of Razor Grass, and 450mg of Uva Ursi Extract, and that’s just the beginning. There’s so much more to our powerful Stage Ready formula to help you quickly remove excess water. You will find that our Sweat It Out Complex will increase your core body temperature and speed up the rinsing process. Finally, we upgrade Stage Ready with critical electrolytes to replenish your body from potentially depleted levels.