Protein pancake & waffles quick and delicious! Packed with 15g of quality protein per serving, this mix has the perfect taste and texture every time by only adding water. There's no better way to start your day than with a protein-packed, easily digestible, delicious tasting breakfast. This quick and easy mix is made with premium protein and carb sources, with only 6g of fat.

Taste & Texture

Make yourself pancakes and waffles that will taste just like they came from a restaurant. You won't even know these are protein packed! Most protein pancakes and waffles have either good taste or good texture at best. These deliver amazing taste AND texture. The best you've tried.

Easy to Make

Our mix doesn't need any additional ingredients to be perfect...just add water! Minutes later, your pancakes or waffles will be cooked and ready to eat. Who would have thought homemade pancakes and waffles could be something you could make on a busy morning?

Unbeatable Macros

Most protein pancake and waffle mixes we researched did not label their protein content honestly, with many leaving off the protein daily value % content, because they are using incomplete proteins (proteins that won't build muscle). Our formula contains real, complete protein, honestly labeled, with only 6g fat and quality carb sources