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Stimulant Free Intra-Workout

Magnum Opus is the best-tasting intra-workout with proven results. Opus is the perfect fuel for any workout, increasing strength levels by increasing the level of blood flow and hydration to your muscles. In a published study, participants who supplemented with Opus experienced a significant increase in athletic performance. 

Magnum Opus creates energy at a cellular level without the use of stimulants, making it ideal to drink any time of the day.  Opus not only provides incredible muscle growth and enhanced performance but, like a BCAA, it reduces workout fatigue, accelerates recovery, and lessens muscle soreness. Available in mouth-watering candy flavours, there’s nothing better to have in your shaker while you train. 

  • Increases Energy
  • Builds More Muscle
  • Amplifies Muscle Pumps
  • Delays Workout Fatigue