A healthier protein hot chocolate to warm the soul and ignite new muscle growth.


Delicious milk chocolate flavor

Contains REAL marshmallows

Perfect for cold weather

Supports lean muscle growth

Aids in muscle recovery

Gluten-free hot beverage

Low-carb, keto-friendly hot cocoa protein


Indulge in the rich and delicious goodness of NutraBio Hot Cocoa Protein, a healthier alternative to traditional hot cocoa that doesn’t compromise on flavor. We like to call it a hug in a mug. This innovative protein hot chocolate offers a decadent taste experience without the guilt, as it’s crafted with a focus on minimizing sugars and carbs while including 20 grams of protein.


Beyond its irresistible taste, NutraBio Hot Cocoa Protein provides a high-quality source of whey protein isolate, essential for muscle recovery growth. Unlike conventional hot cocoa mixes, this formula is designed to align with your health goals, offering a low-sugar, low-carb option for those seeking a more nutritious, functional beverage.


Versatile and convenient, NutraBio Hot Cocoa Protein seamlessly integrates into your daily routine, whether enjoyed as a post-workout shake, a comforting afternoon treat, or a guilt-free indulgence in the evening surrounded by a warm fire. This amazing protein hot chocolate prioritizes the nostalgia of a traditional hot cocoa mix while delivering a delicious fusion of taste and better-for-you functionality without all the stuff you’d rather avoid.


NutraBio Hot Cocoa Protein is your ticket to reliving the warmth of traditional hot cocoa but with a dash of playfulness and a heaping spoonful of better-for-you goodness. Get ready to sip, savor, and sprinkle a little fun into your routine!




At NutraBio, we're all about innovation and never settling for anything less than awesome. Enter NutraBio Hot Cocoa Protein — our playful twist on the classic hot cocoa experience. This protein hot chocolate isn't just a tasty treat, it's a health-conscious delight, waving goodbye to the sugar and carb overload in traditional cocoa mixes.


Picture this: a mug of NutraBio Hot Cocoa Protein satisfying your chocolate cravings and warming your soul — all while serving up a high-quality protein boost. It's not just a delightful beverage, it's your secret weapon for muscle growth, recovery, and that wonderful feeling of fullness. Worried about the guilt? Don't be! This hot cocoa protein is guilt-free goodness, making it the ultimate pick-me-up for a healthier, happier you. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? NutraBio Hot Cocoa Protein — where playfulness meets protein in every sip!



NutraBio Hot Cocoa Protein isn’t your typical protein supplement. While it emerges as an excellent choice for muscle growth and recovery, what sets it apart as a functional beverage is the high-quality protein content within this protein hot chocolate blend. Unlike traditional hot cocoa mixes, NutraBio prioritizes protein as a key ingredient, ensuring a sufficient amino acid profile. The whey protein isolate used in the formula plays a pivotal role in supporting muscle recovery and growth, making it an ideal post-workout option.


The diversity of this hot cocoa protein makes it particularly appealing for fitness enthusiasts seeking a flavorful yet effective way to increase their daily protein intake. By seamlessly integrating this delectable protein hot chocolate into their routine, individuals can enjoy a delicious treat any time of day while actively contributing to their muscle growth and recovery.