$49.99 $54.99

-Full Spectrum Amino Acid Profile Containing All 9 EAAs + Glutamine

-Includes 7g BCAA at a 2:1:1 Ratio

-Made With Vegan Fermented Amino Acids

-Added Electrolytes to Support enhanced Muscle Function and HydrationTransparent Dosing

-Delicious Flavours

-NO Artificial Colors (Dye Free)


What is Hydramino?


Are you looking for great tasting Aminos to enhance your supplement regiment while supporting your efforts to stay hydrated? TC Nutritions Hydramino EAA is for you!


Formulated with 7g of Vegan Fermented BCAAs at a 2:1:1 ratio, 1g of Vegan Fermented EAAs, Glutamine, and an Electrolyte Matrix, this product is beneficial for anyone. Hydramino EAA helps promote enhanced recovery time, increase training endurance, and supports lean muscle and proper hydration. Perfect for anyone looking to enhance their training and recovery!


åÊHydramino EAA is the new standard for Amino Acid supplementation.