WHAT DOES HEMO FLOW DO? HEMO FLOW addresses the rampant issue of high hematocrit and thus high blood viscosity that arises in athletes using PEDs, as well as individuals who need to support healthy blood pressure and hemoglobin without the use of PEDs.


High blood viscosity can lead to serious health complications if gone unchecked, and until now there has been no effective method to mitigate this issue aside from constant phlebotomy (donating large amounts of blood), which can sometimes have an opposite effect, or only resolves the issue for a short period of time before RBC content comes back higher than before.



HOW DOES IT WORK? HEMO FLOW may assist with blood viscosity, hematocrit, blood clotting, and blood pressure by the use of well researched ingredients at clinically effective doses. The use of these ingredients helps to reduce hematocrit, increase RBC deformability to allow easier circulation of blood through small vessels, increase blood flow


HOW MUCH/HOW OFTEN SHOULD I TAKE? This product should be taken every day, 2 capsules per day, doses can be split and taken with meals.



May Assist with:

-Blood Viscosity

-Hematocrit & Hemoglobin

-Blood Pressure


-Heart Health


-Arterial Health



Features per serving:


-120mg Vitamin C: Vitamin C works synergistically with dihydroquercetin to support blood viscosity.                       


- 508mg VasoDrive-APTM: Contains two ACE Inhibitor tripeptides that have been shown to maintain blood pressure already in a healthy range and improve blood flow.



-8,000 FU/400mg Nattokinase: An enzyme that may assist against blood clotting by degrading fibrinogen, also thins blood and improves blood flow without adverse effects, may lower risk of cardiovascular complications.



-Lavitol® DHQ (Dihydroquercetin): 60mg: Also known as 'taxifolin', dihydroquercetin has been studied for its effects on blood viscosity and RBC deformability, reliably reducing blood viscosity by 15-17% when combined with Vitamin C. Acts as an iron chelator which may support hematocrit and hemoglobin levels.


- 10mg Bioperine®: Improves bioavailability of dihydroquercetin by protecting against breakdown in the liver.