SWEAT-RESISTANT – Complete your workout without having to worry about sweaty hands ever again. Avoid facing workouts where you feel like you are losing the grip and have to give up half way through. By using the Hammer Grip Liquid chalk, you are guaranteed no sweaty palms throughout your session.


QUICK-DRY FORMULA – Hammer Grip Liquid Chalk’s formula contains the perfect combination of ingredients to allow drying within seconds, while providing strongest grip. After application, the chalk dries within a several seconds so you can focus on your workout.


LONG-LASTING – Leave behind powdered chalk or chalk bag and constant re-applications to maintain the grip. One application of Hammer Grip Liquid Chalk will last several rigorous working sets without resulting in slips, sweaty palms, or reapplication.


INCREASED PERFORMANCE – By opting to use lifting straps, your hands and forearms do not provide the support and do not build the strength. With the Hammer Grip Liquid Chalk, get the same strong grip without sacrificing opportunity to build strong forearms. Prevents muscle imbalances and increases grip strength.





Hammer Grip Liquid Chalk - Leave behind powder chalk, and try the HAMMER GRIP Liquid Chalk. The specialized formula provides extra-strong grip for heavy Weightlifting, Olympic Lifts, Cross-fit Training, Rock Climbing, Bowling, Gaming, and many more sports and activities. Put on a small amount (we recommend using penny sized blob) between the palm of your hands, gently spread throughout the palm and around areas that requires grip, simply let air dry for 5-10 seconds, and GET TO WORK. The high-quality formula is long-lasting and does not require constant re-application. With the liquid chalk, it’s clean, effective, and long-lasting. The liquid chalk contains perfect balance of ingredients with quick drying features, leaving strong adhered chalk to your palms providing an extra-strong grip to get your work done. Hit your new personal records with every lift session. Don’t let your grip be the factor to stop you from achieving what can be possible. The snap-on lid and extra plug helps keep the liquid chalk stored in optimal conditions. In addition, the chalk comes in various sizes of bottles for optimized quantity as well as portability.


Direction for Use: Clean and dry hands. Shake contents well and take small amount in your palms. Spread across areas requiring grip gently. Let air dry until moisture content is evaporated.