Endurance athletes, get ready to elevate your performance, and your hydration, with Hydrate Elite Stick Packs! Whether you're training for cycling , hitting the back mountain biking trails, running or pushing through an obstacle course, Hydrate Elite Stick Packs will help you easily conquer it. The compact and convenient design makes it easy to take with you whenever and wherever you find your next adventure. Upgrade your hydration game and unleash your full potential with Hydrate Elite Stick Packs!


Endurelite Hydrate contains key ELECTROLYTES, COCONUT WATER POWDER, HIMALAYAN SEA SALT, and VITAMINS to help rapidly hydrate your body, regulate fluid balance, and replace sodium lost in sweat. Drink Hydrate Elite as needed before, during, and after exercise, or throughout the day for optimal hydration.


Rapid hydration and replenishment of electrolytes

Improved athletic performance and endurance

Reduced muscle cramping and fatigue

Maintain Fluid & pH Balance

Light Flavor Tastes Great On Its Own Or Mixed With SustainElite Or Perform Elite

Only 25 calories per serving

Perfect on-the-go solution