5 Muscle Building Protein Blend

Magnum Brawn is formulated with the best sources of high-quality proteins, resulting in a protein shake with an incredible taste that mixes smoothly. Brawn was designed for athletes looking for a quick flood of amino acids shortly after consumption, as well as a steady-state trickle of amino acids over the next few hours, ensuring muscle growth and repair. 


Two scoops of Brawn will drive 44 grams of protein into your muscles and 14 grams of the ideal carbohydrates that your body needs and uses to protect your proteins leaving them available for their main functions. 


Magnum Brawn is gluten-free, peanut-free, very low in lactose, and gentle on the stomach. Brawn is effective, affordable, and exactly what your body needs to boost your strength, build more muscle, and recover much faster!


  • Builds & Repairs More Muscle
  • Fast Absorbing & Quick Digesting
  • Enables Quicker Recovery
  • Delicious Dessert Flavours