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When you are in a calorie-deficient training state, the risk of your body burning muscle mass for use as energy is high. Working to limit the destructive aspects of the muscle-building process, ANABOLIC STATEå¨ provides instant support for muscle repair, recovery, and growth. Every scoop contains 500mg of the Leucine metabolite HICA (ë±-hydroxyisocaproic acid), a lean muscle growth catalyst and anti-catabolic agent that works synergistically with 9g of Vegan fermented BCAAs and Glutamine, plus 500mg Lysine. Available in a range of mouth-watering flavors, ANABOLIC STATEå¨ is the perfect supp to sip on during or after your training session to refresh, hydrate, and power up your muscle recovery.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 Scoop (12.5 g)
Servings Per Container 30

Ingredient - Amount Per Serving - % Daily Value
L-Leucine - 3000 mg - ‰ÛÊ
L-Glutamine - 3000 mg - ‰ÛÊ
L-Isoleucine - 1500 mg - ‰ÛÊ
L-Valine - 1500 mg - ‰ÛÊ
HICA (alpha-hydroxyisocaproic acid) - 500 mg - ‰ÛÊ
L-Lysine HCL - 500 mg - ‰ÛÊ

Other Ingredients: Black Cherry Lime Flavor, Citric Acid, Malic Acid, Acesulfame Potassium, Red Beet Powder (for color), Sucralose, Beta-carotene (for color), Stevia Extract.

Suggested Use: Add one scoop of ANABOLIC STATEå¨ (12.5 g) to 8 oz ‰ÛÒ 10 oz / 250 mL ‰ÛÒ 300 mL of cold water and shake for a few seconds. Consume 1 ‰ÛÒ 3 servings daily to hydrate and help promote muscle building and reduce muscle soreness during or after an intense exercise session. For best results, combine with a diet and exercise program.